Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It’s Valentine’s Day! So what?

(*This is purely for fun. It does not resemble any entity--living or dead.
All statements and incidents are purely coincidental and not aimed to hurt anybody)

“So, what you doing today?” begins the trademark question on every special occasion. Be it a birthday, anniversary or a festival. And today is no different. 
Today is Valentine’s Day! And here is the evident question:

“So, what you doing today?”

Mr. single-desperately-wanting-to-mingle-but-never-got-a-chance looks on angrily.

Adjusting his spectacles on his rather crooked nose he rattles on – If you are in a relationship, people don’t agree when you say you are doing nothing on this day, and if you are single they don’t believe if you say you are doing something.

So my question is, why ask a question, when you are about to refute whatever I’m going to say!

To me Valentine Day is nothing but an overly commercialized event. Valentine Day is featured with roses, chocolates, teddies, gifts and nonsense.

And even before the D-day arrives, the week preceding it is celebrated as ‘Rose Day’, ‘Propose Day’, ‘Chocolate Day’, ‘Hug Day’, ‘Kiss Day’ and so on.

Can we ever have a ‘Regular Day’?

And what’s with the name fetish that couples refer to each other on this day? ‘Sweetheart, darling, chickoo, jaanu, bachchoo, shona, mona and on and on…’ I’m pretty sure you don’t even know the real name of the person you are with.

I’d rather die, than fall in love and do such crazy stuff!

One year later….

“So, what you doing today?”

Mr. last-year-single-now-newly-in-love blushes and grins.

Going gooey and utterly mushy flashes a set of freshly brushed teeth and opines – I have loads of surprises planned for my sweetheart, my darling, the love of my life.

Firstly, I’ll wish my babboo valentine’s day with a beautiful red rose.

 A box of chocolates and teddies will follow soon after.

I have already celebrated ‘Rose Day’, ‘Hug Day’, ‘Kiss Day’ and all other days with her and the finale will also be a grand affair.

My darling girlfriend will be adorned with gifts and wishes. Valentine’s Day is the most sacred day for lovers and it should be treated with reverence and respect. It’s a day to make your girl feel special.

I’d rather die, than live without love!

Two years later….

“So, what you doing today?”

Mr. last-year- newly-in-love-now-frustrated-in-love looks on frustrated yet tired – It’s the middle of the month and I’m completely broke. I have no money to spend on my food, yet had to borrow money to buy the good-for-nothing (his girlfriend) a gift.

I couldn’t take leave from office last week when I was ill because I had to take holidays this week for all the crazy days that she expects me to celebrate. What’s with the ‘Rose Day’, ‘Chocolate Day’, ‘Hug Day’ craze? Can’t I have a Holiday for self?

It’s just another wasted day in my life. I would have preferred to sleep the whole day and enjoy a late night beer party with my room-mates, than go out mall hopping with this manic shopaholic. I really wonder what enjoyment you get by looking at hundreds of items and choose nothing at all in the end.

Such days should be completely banned and I support political parties who wish to do the same.

I will definitely die if I continue to be in love!

“So, what are you doing this Valentine?”

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