Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Promise to Keep

She stared into her deep blue eyes, mesmerized. It held innocence and purity and exhibited an ocean full of happiness and eagerness to live life.

She held the tiny fingers in her hands counting them and smoothening out the lines as she did. The bright pink nails stood out against her pale skin. She kissed them one by one.

Lovingly she caressed her forehead, pulling back strands of hair which came in-between her beautiful face.

Yes, beautiful is the precise word. She was outstandingly beautiful.

It was a spiritual and peaceful experience watching her sleep on her lap. She held pride in her existence.

She felt the world melt away at the slightest smile her lips created or became devastative at the slightest hint of tear her eyes formed.

She was her world. Her body, mind and soul.

She was her daughter.
A moment of pride and honor that only a child like her could give.

She heard her mother-in-law grumble in the background about not delivering a boy child, about what will happen to the family legacy, about family reputation and respect and on and on.

She ignored her ramblings and put the little bundle of joy to her chest and hugged it affectionately. She cared about nothing in the world right now.

She relished the moment alone with her daughter when the nurse ushered the visitors outside the room and particularly her grumpy mother-in-law who was creating a nuisance.

With the noise dying down, she put her lips to the tiny ears and whispered a vow to her daughter, that come what may, undeterred by the current situation, she will bring her up with utmost love and care. And that the world will look up to her with respect and dignity.

With glistening tears of satisfaction, she carefully put the baby into a cradle between her folded arms. She sang a lullaby and set her baby to sleep, silently preparing her for the world outside.

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