Thursday, March 29, 2012

The person I’d miss the most!

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I barely remember the time when you occupied the place of a mentor, inspiration and motivation. All I know is that you were something I looked up to even though I never admitted it.

Without your presence I wouldn’t have known what it feels to have a head in the family. You were there to guide us through tribulations and to bring that extra zest to any occasion.

Was it not yesterday that you told me how much you love me – your first grandchild – and that I bring a certain joy and pride to you? Why is it then that I do not find you anymore to share the joy?

How can I forget the numerous trips that you took me to various temples in the south, giving me a sense of our culture and heritage? The fables and legends about various temples, Gods and Goddess’, history and myth that you would tell me on these journeys still resonate in my ears.

Your generosity and love, independency and dignity, ethics and morals are something which is sculpted within me and will always remain there.

The struggle that you endured all your life is a lesson for the weak and downtrodden. It’s an inspiration to me in my times of difficulties.

Your valor and perseverance taught me that we take charge of our own lives and not the other way around.

Yet you chose to leave this beautiful life and took a place up above the sky, twinkling amongst one of the stars.

Would you still remember me? Would you still know that I love you and miss you above all other things?

How I wish you were there when I bore my children to teach them about love and life and be a part of their childhood as you were a part of mine!

How I wish things went back to those days when life was with you!

You would truly be missed but remembered in every walk of our lives. You were a benefactor on earth, now you are an angel in heaven. Hope to continue my life with the sweet memories I shared with you.

Love you Nani!