Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Sunglasses, My Style

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“Amma, what do we gift Appa for his birthday this year?” I shrieked from the upper floor of our compact little row house. My mom, busy in her kitchen, yelled back “why don’t we gift him yet another ‘his-all-time-favorite’ sunglass?” 

That sounded like a good idea. Not a novel one, but definitely a good one, since my dad is known for his love and obsession for eyewear that makes him go ‘Ohh La La’.

I’m like my dad in more than one way. My love for reading and writing, my ability to lose temper at the drop of a pin, my likeness for food etc. are all a boon that I inherited from my dear dad. And one of these boons includes my fetish for sunglasses.

Two pieces of glasses framed accurately for my big, bright eyes, perched on the slender bridge of my nose and the rims supporting the glasses flowing to the back of my ears – the thought of them makes me go crazy and leaves me gasping for more (*pun unintended*).

It can’t be denied that, as an accessory, it’s a must on everyone’s closet.

I’m proud to be the owner of 5 exclusive sunglasses which I use on different occasions. But it was not until I started working four years back, that I could possess my own eyepiece.

Even though dad offered to gift me on several occasions, I denied accepting it since I firmly believed that certain things in life (which are truly dear to you) need to be earned and not simply get it.

(In that case, you may ask as to why I chose to enter this competition where you get to win a sunglass for free. I would again repeat that I am here to earn it and not simply get it J)

Coming back to the subject of this blog, GKB Optical is truly a one-stop shop for sunglasses, since it’s loaded with brands, types, varieties, price range and unique options.

Their website even offers a ‘virtual trial room’ by way of their tool – Try-It-On, which gives you the liberty to try the sunglasses either on one of your pictures or on one of the available ones, sorted according to face types. This is a better bargain, since I believe that sunglasses need to suit your face, for it to bring out the personality in you.

The two most favorite sunglasses which I chose from GKB Optical website and why they take this position can be explained below:

Source: GKB Optical
My first choice is the all-time-favorite Classic Aviators! (Brand: Ray Ban. Model no. RAY-BAN RB 3025) I loved the shades of this piece and I’m sure it will frame my face beautifully with a touch of elegance and chic. This classic eyewear will be accentuated with my choice of another classic combination of white tucked-in shirt over blue jeans.

Just as a wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of blue jeans and crisp white shirt, a sunglass collection will be imperfect if it does have the aviators (again, one of my many beliefs!).

With this combination of apparel and sunglass I’d like to make my fashion statement as classy, stylish, and smart.

Source: GKB Optical
My second choice is the sporty Ray Ban piece (Brand: Ray Ban. Model No. RAY-BAN RB 2132).

Why this choice? Well I’m an outdoor person who loves to explore and travel. Trekking and adventure kicks my adrenaline rush.

Since I go out often for various treks, this sunglass is sure to add that extra zing to my personality and the activity. I would pair it with a simple tee and jeans, the rest will be taken care by the glasses.

Also pairing this sunglass with a saree or a kurti will provide a different dimension to the Indo-Western avatar and will make you look a class-apart.

As to how I would use both the glasses as an accessory – I like the classic way of resting it on my head, which sweeps back my free flowing hair and serves the dual purpose of a hairband as well.

These are my choices and my style! And I have yet again proved that I’m a Ray Ban loyalist!

Over to you Mr. Judge!!

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