Monday, May 14, 2012

Satyameva Jayate – May Truth Prevail!

Aamir Khan on the promo ad for 'Satyameva Jayate'. Source: Internet

 Satyameva Jayate! 

The name itself is enough to offer goose bumps to true patriots. And so a show with this name can never go wrong for a true Indian to whom the truth is served in a platter with a hard-hitting tagline ‘Jab dil pe lagegi, tab hi baat banegi’

The national motto of India (which is inscribed in Devanagari script at the base of the national emblem) has been adopted as the title name of Aamir Khan’s venture in television, a show that talks about a number of social issues faced in (a not so) shining India.

After a lot of speculations and marketing efforts, the show was finally aired last Sunday (6th May, 2012). To be frank, I did not remember to watch it. On a lazy Sunday morning while flicking through channels (a ritual and favorite pastime), I landed just in time to catch the show begin on Star Plus.

Aamir – the perfectionist that he is, made sure that the introduction to the show was as classy and impeccable as the star himself. However, the hero of the show was not the star, but the cause, the content and the contestants. This is a thoroughly researched (by team), well produced (by production house) and superbly communicated (by Aamir) show which kept me hooked onto it till the very end.

People who failed to watch the show asked me whether it was melodramatic, since all reality shows and social issue based shows are bound to be dramatic. I would say it was a well-balanced and well controlled show, not letting any emotion to be prolonging or too boring.

Though Aamir did shed a tear or two (along with the audience), but then who's complaining, after all we are Indians and we exhibit emotions regardless of anything, and he is an actor!

The format of the show was interestingly strung together with contestants and their stories, facts and statistics, Aamir’s ease with the audience and some light moments.

All said and done, I’m only hoping that this show doesn’t fizzle by the end of its season and lives up to its expectations. Also, don’t want this show to be just another show where issues are highlighted and then left hanging. Courage to face the issues and initiatives to correct them should be the final outcome of this show.

Aamir Khan can only bring the issues to the forefront, how we as audience and as Indians react to it is something to be looked forward to.

Satyameva Jayate – May Truth Prevail!

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