Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dasvidaniya - Until we meet again!

Dasvidaniya or ‘Goodbye’ is not just a word but a very sincere emotion, an emotion which you feel when one fine day a very close and dear friend leaves you and moves on with life and you are left with nothing but precious memories and empty promises to meet again.

However, what will truly remain is the fact that we met; the fact that we shared a beautiful chapter of our life with that wonderful person.

Ishika, a person whom I met 5 years ago, contributed to that special chapter in my life and will always remain a part of it. She was truly unique and exclusive in many ways, and I’m sure people who’ve interacted with her will approve and agree with me. I’ve often commented that she is a single-piece manufacture and nobody else can be like her.

I’ve argued, debated, laughed and sobbed with her. I’ve shared dirty jokes, personal problems and several fleeting emotions with her.

She is an epitome of liveliness and full-on energy.
Nobody can beat her in window shopping ;-)

She used to grumble and whine about Mumbai since her relocation from Calcutta, and most of the time we ended up arguing which city is the best.

She often lured us to come to her hometown for all the special places, shopping sprees, roadside eateries and Durga Puja. Though she stayed in Mumbai, her heart lay in Calcutta.

Now that she is leaving Mumbai I know that somewhere she would miss this city and would definitely praise Mumbai with all her heart to fellow Calcuttians. Somewhere surely a part of her heart would continue to live in Mumbai.

So when Ishika decided to leave Mumbai and move back to Calcutta, it’s only fair that we give her a royal farewell. After much deliberation, we fixed a date for the surprise party. I called up past friends and team members and asked them to be a part of this surprise party:

And then what, cake was cut:

Food was served:

Liquor flowed:

And everybody made for a perfect picture, eating, drinking and chatting.

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